Project Result 4
Shared Platform

Leading Organisation:

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

PR4 will consist of a NEFELE PLATFORM design and implementation. The aim is to develop a shared platform based on a Gamification Approach to make the tools of NEFELE, OERs, teachers experiences, and the stories created by adolescents shareable and usable. The platform also includes an experiential part and guidelines and recommendations to enhance positive youth development and support career construction. The Platform will be open and made accessible for all those who can influence and support adolescents’ career construction, such as teachers, psychologists, counselor, and parents. The following technical sub-objectives must be reached:

  • To develop the technical specification of the Gamification Approach
  • To collect OERs -To design guidelines and good practices for educational practitioners and policy recommendations.


The main aims are the following:

  • To integrate theory, practice, and experiences in a shared platform -To share the NEFELE training model
  • To share the users’ experience of NEFELE training model and the stories created by adolescents (the shape of NEFELE)
  • To disseminate and exploit the project results
  • To collect best practices and define policy recommendations

The implementation of the Platform will integrate theory, practice, and experiences on a shared website. It will include a gamification approach for teachers and those who can influence and support adolescents’ career construction. The Platform will be composed of will be composed of two environments and different levels of contents:

  1. Open and public repository in which find information about:
    • NEFELE tools: the MOOC, the manual, and information’s about NEFELE BOX
    • scientific papers based on NEFELE framework, NEFELE training model, TUIs paradigm in education systems
    • data collection based on teachers’ experience
    • scientific indication to positive youth development, career assessment, positive future orientation
    • best practice from teachers
    • useful tips for easy implementation of the NEFELE platform
    • link to useful external resources on these topics
  2. The open and public repository in which find the teachers’ experiences involved in the NEFELE projects. Moreover, in this section teachers (or other users, such as psychologists, educators, career guidance) who will use the NEFELE model will be able to share the stories of adolescents. Sharing the stories will allow other adolescents to watch their peers’ stories/games and stimulate imagination, even from home. The loading practice will be user friendly because the platform is open, and all users of NEFELE outputs (MOOC and BOX) will be able to share their experiences and adolescents’ stories.
  3. Guidelines & Policy recommendations The objective is to implement exploitation activities and produce recommendations for future project results transferability and up-scaling addressed to both policy makers and HEI providers. The purpose is to facilitate the transferring and scale-up of the project results to organizations outside the project consortium, including key stakeholders and policy makers. NEFELE Platform will offer the tools of the NEFELE training model and OERs to support the adolescents’ career construction learning. The NEFELE platform will be a learning and knowledge- sharing venue.

Tangibility and Innovation

The innovation of the tool lays in the framework where it is inserted. NEFELE PLATFORM is an enhanced website that allows to share experiences as social media and gather together the OERs, producing an open repository for all the teachers and students.

Expected Impact and Tranferability

  • Intercept the HEI interest and stimulate sensitivity on this topic
  • Intercept the teachers and adolescents’ curiosity
  • Share an increasing number of stories (reaching the project’s replicability aim)
  • Act as a catalyst for operators in the sector and sharing good practices;
  • Create a Community of experts

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