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Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

NEFELE OERs Shared Platform

The NEFELE OERs Shared Platform represents a cornerstone in our effort to integrate technology into career guidance, specifically designed to address the needs of adolescents and the figures supporting them in career decision-making processes. As part of the broader Erasmus+ KA2 NEFELE project, this platform utilizes cutting-edge technology to facilitate informed and reflective career choices, contributing to the development of self-efficacy among Europe’s youth.
The primary objective of the NEFELE OERs Shared Platform is to provide a comprehensive resource that aids adolescents and young adults in navigating their career paths, while also offering robust support to educators, family members, and career practitioners who play critical roles in their development. The platform aims to:
•Enhance accessibility to quality career guidance resources.
•Foster self-directed career exploration and decision-making among adolescents.
•Equip support figures with the tools necessary to guide and mentor effectively.
The platform is built as a web app with a user-centric design, ensuring ease of use and accessibility across various devices. Key features include:
•Interactive Dashboards: Structured pathways to explore career options, educational resources, and engaging activities.
•Resource Libraries: Comprehensive databases of career guidance materials, instructional videos, and supportive documents tailored to different user needs.
•Gamification Elements: Interactive games and scenarios that encourage users to discover personal strengths and career preferences.
Developed over six months using the Flutter framework and Firebase technology, the NEFELE OERs Shared Platform follows the ADDIE model — Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation — to ensure a rigorous, research-based approach to development. The platform has undergone extensive testing to optimize functionality and user experience, with continuous updates planned based on user feedback and technological advancements.
Impact and Future Directions
The NEFELE OERs Shared Platform is poised to make a significant impact on career guidance practices across Europe. By providing a dynamic and interactive environment, it helps young individuals visualize and plan their career trajectories with confidence. Looking ahead, the project team is committed to expanding the platform’s features and reach, incorporating more personalized tools and resources based on ongoing research and the evolving needs of its users.
For more information, to access the platform, or to join our community of practice, please visit

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