Project Result 2

Leading Organisation:

Hellenic Open University

PR2 involves the design and development of the NEFELE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), addressing the needs and challenges identified in PR1. NEFELE’s MOOC, Promoting students’ career development at school” aims to train teachers in their crucial role of supporting students’ career development. The MOOC Learning contents consist of a) a set of Training Modules based on the theoretical frameworks of career development theories and positive psychology, with practical examples for teachers to foster students career planning in classrooms; b) a Training Module based on NEFELE BOX, which consists of a toolkit based on the Tangible User Interface that the teacher can use with students helping in shaping their future. The MOOC is organized into 5 Modules. The MOOC platform was designed and developed in English, Italian, Greek, Spanish and Dutch. The learning content of the MOOC in English (e.g. open educational resources (OERs), lectures, video scripts, presentations) was collected and developed and the MOOC videos were produced. The learning material consists of modules, which have been translated into all partner languages.

Main goals of the NEFELE course

  • Key competences

Fostering students career development and well-being

  • Learning outcomes

Participants know:

  • Current and future challenges related to the world of work
  • Main aspects and major theories of career development from childhood to adolescence
  • How teacher can support students’ career development and well-being in the school setting
  • The main positive psychology theories of well-being
  • The positive education interventions in school setting
  • What Tangible User Interfaces are
  • What career digital storytelling is
  • How to use the Nefele Box to promote career development and well-being in classroom
  • Learning modalities

Video-lessons (talking head for introductory videos, slide show with voice over for lessons) and learning materials

  • Target groups

Pre-service and in-service teachers and other career practitioners working with students

  • Certificate

Each successful alumni of the MOOC will receive a Certification of Completion.

The process of assessment

Self-assessment will be through quizzes. Multiple choice and true/false choice questions are required for each unit.

In order to pass the online test, 75% of the questions must be answered correctly. You can try the quiz 2 times and maximum grade will be considered. Ιf you pass successfully all the quizzes, you will receive the certification.


Trainers and trainees’ profiles

The contents of the MOOC were produced by the NEFELE project partners, focusing on specific areas of expertise. The sequence of video content provides a complete training path, from the theories, based on the EU Framework of Career Development in Teacher Education (PR1 of NEFELE) to techniques and approaches for implementing career guidance in the school setting.

Trainers: professors and researchers of the NEFELE Partnership experts in career development and well-being. Instead, for the Nefele Box, the trainers are the technician of the technological branch of the Partnership.

Trainees: no specific background knowledge needed nor specific profiles aside being pre- or in-service teachers or career practitioners working with adolescents.



English with subtitles in Italian, Greek, French and Spanish


Time schedule of the course

5 weeks, 4-5 hours/week

1st cycle

Registration: 5/1/2024 – 19/1/2024
MOOC: 22/1/2024 – 26/2/2024

                                                    2nd cycle

Registration7/3/2024 – 17/3/2024
MOOC: 20/3/2024 – 24/4/2024

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