The Project

NEFELE aims to impact HE practices by improving innovative teacher methodologies for middle school teachers in supporting adolescents career construction’ based on Massive Open Online Courses, Tangible User Interfaces, and Open Educational Resources.

Project Priorities

NEFELE will support the purposeful use of digital technologies in HE and the development of expertise in the use of digital tools for teachers, including technologies that allow the creation and innovative use of digital education content, i.e., TUIs. Further, NEFELE will support the use of the EU frameworks on digital competences of educators. In this view, technologies will be used to enhance and innovate education and training.

NEFELE aims to stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices to tackle societal challenges through support for the development, testing and implementation of flexible learning pathways and modular course design, i.e., MOOC. The HE is called to take advantage of technologies and to develop actions to play an active role in the digital transformation process. In this perspective, NEFELE proposes the MOOC considered a good opportunity for digital learning. MOOC is a tool that guarantees open pedagogies in education: it transcends the limits imposed by social distances, overcomes time barriers, and provides free access to anyone in the world. Moreover, MOOCs is a distance learning tool that allows the sustainability of HE courses also during/after COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Project Results


EU Framework of career development in Teacher Education

 The chapters provide a theoretical framework of the project giving methodological landmarks that can be useful to teachers for enhancing adolescents’ career development.



The aim is to implement a MOOC in HEI courses to learn the NEFELE methodological framework and to propose innovative teaching tools to support adolescents’ career construction in school practice.



PR3 will consist of a NEFELE BOX design and implementation. The aim is to develop an authoring tool that allows creating a set of games for middle school pupils based on TUIs.


NEFELE OERs shared platform

PR4 will consist of a NEFELE PLATFORM design and implementation. The aim is to develop a shared platform based on a Gamification Approach to make the tools of NEFELE, [...] shareable and usable.

Project Aims

• New learning and teaching methods and approaches
• Open and distance learning
• Initial and continuous training for teachers, trainers and other education staff

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