Project Result 3

Leading Organisation:

Smarted SRL

In PR3 our goal is to sustain career development through gamification and storytelling, both enhanced by TUI paradigm and NFC technology tools.


Physical Side

The NEFELE box contains different kind of educational material, such as:

  • 30 Job cards, enhanced with NFC tags;
  • 10 customizable Job cards, enhanced with NFC tags;
  • an enhanced game board;
  • 7 Compentences and Support cards, enhanced with NFC tags;
  • Infographic material about subtopics for each competence;
  • 20 default game scenarios;
  • Instructions manual.

Digital Side

NEFELE Editor – Authoring tool for Windows devices

Supporting the co-creation approach, the teacher or students, or them together, will be able to use the editor app to create game scenarios.

Each scenario will represent the Job description of a character, basing on 4 main skills:

The main goal of the co-creation process is to help the users (teacher and students) to imagine several declinations of the same job deriving from different personal resources.

The last section is called “If I were” and asks the students to imagine theirselves, with their strenghts, into that particoular career path. This will allow adolescents to think about the future, encouraging meaning-making processes and enhancing a positive vision of the future.

When the game scenario will be played, the descriptions will guide the players to help them to guess the Job and link it to the character.

NEFELE App – Android smartphones

Each game session is structured on as many turns as the descriptions contained in the specific scenario. In each game session, the players have to listen to the character description and try to guess their job. The winner of the game is the player who can guess the higher number of jobs.

The game experience puts together Tangible material and Digital media and feedbacks. The effort asked to the students is to reflect on competences, strengths and their declination in different job careers.

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